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    Uitbreiding voor: Folklore: The Affliction Aantal spelers: 1 - 5 Speeltijd minuten: 90 - 120 Uitgever: Greenbrier Games
    The Fall of the Spire expansion contains six more stories, featuring new mechanisms for combat and town events. Play as one of four new archetypes, or continue your campaign with your existing characters from the Folklore: The Affliction core game and Dark Tales expansion. In this new expansion the design team at Twin Fire takes us down to the dark streets and up to the rooftops in the towns of Kremel. Then, travel further into the world with new stories, characters, monsters and afflictions. Explore new combat mechanisms that can be used in this new box expansion as well as be added to the core game and Dark Tales expansion.
    You have traveled the dangerous byways of Kremel, and finally walk past the gates of the town at twilight. Once eager to see so many people bustling in the streets, you have grown jaded and keep an eye out for pickpockets. Beneath the buildings, stone and wood edifices, you notice the layers of dust and grime, and a deepening of the shadows. A shopkeeper waves in recognition, and looks to you in hopes of news from the outside world. But you have a darker destination in mind, and no time to spare. You nod back, and take to the rooftops, and later descend to the sewers, where you hope to find the missing piece that will take you to the one place that will doom or save this land...the Dark Spire.
    Extend your campaign with six new full-length stories and many hours of replayable content
    Expand your urban crawl by adding new Town Event cards
    New mechanisms include initiative, rooftop combat, and hazards
    Four new characters to choose from: the Warlord, Huntress, Gentleman, and Viper Maiden
    New abilities, rumors, artifacts, afflictions, creatures, companions, maps, monsters, and items

    Uitbreiding voor: Inis Aantal spelers: 2 - 5 Speeltijd minuten: 90 Uitgever: Matagot
    Inis welcomes a fifth player in the Seasons of Inis expansion! Discover new gameplay with the seasons wheel, bringing new modalities of victory! Explore the six new territories and lead your troops from the harbors to the island!
    This expansion offers new action cards. Go back to the adventure, warrior, and may the gods be on your side!

    Uitbreiding voor: Sprawlopolis Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 15 - 20 Uitgever: Button Shy
    A four card irritation comes to Sprawlopolis.
    Construction has started and is adding an unwelcome wrinkle to your city planning!
    One (random) requirement and scoring card is part of scoring. The other three go into deck. If the construction blocks are not completed (built over) by game end, they incur scoring penalties.



    By Lindoras, in Uitbreidingen,

    Uitbreiding voor: Agropolis Sprawlopolis Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 15 - 20 Uitgever: Button Shy
    With your team's careful guidance, the city and the countryside are expanding and converging. With everything growing at a breakneck pace, you are now tasked with managing the entire region!
    A 6-card combo pack that allows you to combine Agropolis and Sprawlopolis.
    Unlike the original rules for both standalone games, this variant eliminates the use of card-passing. Rather, players shuffle each game deck individually, flipping a single card from each to reveal 2 scoring conditions. Then, a 3rd card is drawn at random from the 6-card combo pack to reveal the 3rd and final scoring condition. A separate card from this pack is used as the starting tile, displaying 2 "blocks" from those terrains included in each game respectively.
    On a player's turn, they draw 1 card from each game deck and must choose 1 to play and 1 to discard. In this way, both game decks with run out at the same rate. End game occurs after the last 2 cards are drawn and played/discarded.
    Players score for the largest 2 block groups from each game, lose points for individual roads, and score/lose points according to the 3 scoring condition cards.

    Uitbreiding voor: Agropolis Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 15 - 20 Uitgever: Button Shy
    A one card disaster hits Agropolis.
    Invading UFOs are abducting our livestock! Protect your livestock by keeping them away.
    Invasion adds a card to the deck that covers the previously played card when it comes to the top of the draw pile and incurs scoring penalties.

    Uitbreiding voor: Super Fantasy Brawl Aantal spelers: 2 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 30 - 45 Uitgever: Mythic Games
    Add to the roster of your Champions with the Force of Nature! This expansion adds Taze, Loralei, and Nevamore to your Champions. Let’s take a look at them! Taze knows what it takes to be a Champion. As one of the few Tauriak born into the warrior caste of his people, Taze was groomed to become a warrior. As battles between clans were decided by a trial of champions, Taze was tutored by the best trainers and armed with the greatest weapons, becoming a living weapon that would bring victory to his clan again and again. Adored by his friends, and feared by his enemies, Taze built his life on triumph after bloody triumph. His was an existence of strength and battle, and Taze would have it no other way.
    Through the countless wars that have engulfed history, Fabulosa itself has suffered the most. A world ravaged and torn, eventually nature had to fight back. A dryad of incredible power, Loralei was once the nesting spirit of a druidic grove, her life given to protect that sacred place. With its destruction, she was free to venture into Fabulosa, protecting other groves from the same fate. Appearing wherever she was needed, Loralei kept the world in balance, ensuring that no matter what atrocities the races of Fabulosa committed, life would find a way to survive.
    Nevamor’s former life as a druid was cut short by the Droskarian Horde, but whilst death comes for all things, not all things accept death as easily as others. Nevamor’s will to live extended far beyond the mortal coil, and he returned a wraith; the first undead. Although his first act was one of revenge, soon Nevamor became a protector of the lost, an avenging shade that preyed upon those who would prey on others. With his trusted companion Poe, Nevamor would hunt those who would think themselves the hunter and prove them wrong.

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