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    Uitbreiding voor: Core Space Aantal spelers: 2 - 6 Speeltijd minuten: 45 - 180 Uitgever: Battle Systems Ltd
    This booster pack for Core Space bolsters your Purge forces with Harvesters, Devastators, and even an Assassin and a Live One. These are perfect for larger games or just when you want more of a challenge, and the new Event Cards will seamlessly integrate them into your missions.
    Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play, unless you just want a pack of great minis!
    Contents: 5 Harvester Miniatures / 2 Devastator Miniatures / 1 Assassin Miniature / 1 Live One Miniature / 3 Event Cards

    Uitbreiding voor: Core Space Aantal spelers: 2 - 6 Speeltijd minuten: 45 - 180 Uitgever: Battle Systems Ltd
    hootout at Zed’s is an expansion for Core Space that introduces the dastardly Zed and his gang of criminals, a new type of NPC, as well as some new Civilians. Learn to love or loathe them in a series of thrilling new missions, and then add them to your regular games with the new Event Cards. They are also a fully playable Trader crew!
    New terrain adds the centrepiece two-storey Zed’s Bar to your board, and new equipment such as the Teleport Grenade will give your crew new ways to survive!
    Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.
    6 Ganger Miniatures 2 Civilian Miniatures 8 Character Boards 8 Class Boards 1 Ship Board 5 Event Cards 22 Equipment Tokens Zed’s Bar Terrain Mezzanine Lounge Additional Walls Bar Entrance Struts Partition Wall TV Ladder Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet

    Uitbreiding voor: Nemo's War (Second Edition) Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 60 - 120 Uitgever: Victory Point Games
    The third expansion pack, Dramatis Personae, provides your game with a neat stack of ten additional cards: nine new Adventure cards and one intriguing new Finale card.
    Among the new adventures, you will learn more about your familiar crew characters, and meet interesting new characters via five new Keep cards, allowing them to assist you with their talents. Balancing out the benefits of these helpful cards are new Play and Test Adventure cards that will keep you riveted.
    • 9 New Adventure Cards
    • 1 New Finale Card
    • 1 Rules Sheet

    Uitbreiding voor: Nemo's War (Second Edition) Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 60 - 120 Uitgever: Victory Point Games
    The second expansion pack for Nemo's War, Bold and Caring, features two new motives for Captain Nemo: Adventure and Humanist! As experienced players know, each motive is like playing a different game!
    Answering the call to adventure, each Lull Turn provides 2 Actions and places one of the new Adventure tokens in the just-rolled “doubles” Ocean. When the Nautilus performs a successful Search Action at that Ocean, you reveal and place its Adventure token. You can then go questing for that adventure and try to earn the big rewards it offers.
    With the Adventure motive, you can also commence play with a new Nautilus Upgrade card: Diving Apparatus which assists you with all Test rolls for which you spend 2 Actions and helps keeps the Adventure Deck stocked with gemstones.
    The Humanist motive sees Captain Nemo desiring to better the plight of the common people. Potentially starting with the Hospital Machines Upgrade card, it allows the Captain to parley with ships at sea using “Diplomacy Attacks.”
    Although Notoriety gains are a big problem, successful diplomacy allows you three courses of action: Further Diplomatic Relations, Create a Diplomatic Incident, or Gather Support for Your Good Intentions. Incitement cubes become “Goodwill cubes," and the more nations that you parley with, the higher bonus score you can earn!
    • 2 Nautilus Upgrade Cards (Diving Apparatus and Hospital Machines)
    • 1 New Motive Tile: Adventure / Humanist
    • 2 New Treasure Tokens
    • 1 Diplomatic Attack Token
    • 9 Adventure Tokens
    • 1 Rules Sheet

    Uitbreiding voor: King's Forge Aantal spelers: 2 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 45 Uitgever: Game Salute
    Each year, to celebrate the union of the five Duchies and the election of the first Sovereign Queen, the royal family holds a grand reception to renew their oath of justice and unity to the hereditary Dukes. This event is called The Queen's Jubilee, and the highlight of the evening is The Fealty Ceremony: a re-enactment of that long-ago day when the Queen Elect gave a gift to each of the Dukes as a token of thanks for coming together to forge a kingdom based on peace and loyalty.
    With the Queen's Jubilee only a few weeks away, King Sedgewickson and his lovely wife, Queen Felicity, have compiled a list of possible gifts for this year's Fealty Ceremony and posted it in the castle's plaza. Craftsmen and women from all over the kingdom are now hard at work, striving to be the first to craft five items from the list and win the honor of standing side-by-side with the royals as the gifts are presented to the five Dukes at The Queen's Jubilee.
    King's Forge: Queen's Jubilee is an additional set of component's for the King's Forge board game. It consists of a deck of 30 alternate craft cards that can be used in place of the deck of craft cards in the base game to enable a faster-playing game experience. This expansion also includes 3 Gather Cards as well as an additional Conjurer Gather Card with 4 special clear dice that can act as a "limited wild" during the game.
    Gather Cards:
    The bottom of the Festival card allows for you to reroll two dice. The Merchant card offers 4 choices, but you can only pick one Both options for the Monstery card allow you to skip the storage card and put the new dice into your crafting supply for the current round. The top of Gypsy Camp drives a hard bargain for two immediate Wood, but the bottom lets you peer into the future and pre-roll some of your dice. Conjurer - Since most Conjurers need resources to work on their spells, the top of CONJURER offers a relatively easy way to trade in some extra dice for a magic die. The bottom half of CONJURER invokes 4 clear dice that will come with the card – sort of a free magical charm in honor of the Queen's Jubilee celebration. When chosen from the Gather line, all players get a clear die to use as a "limited wild". It has to match the color of one of the dice you roll during crafting and you have to return the clear die at the end of the round. The person who selects CONJURER also gets a +2 bonus that the other players do not get. CONJURER will be a great card to take when you know one or more of your opponents won't be crafting that round because they will not benefit from the Conjurer's die.

    Uitbreiding voor: King's Forge Aantal spelers: 2 - 5 Speeltijd minuten: 60 Uitgever: Game Salute
    King Loosens Foreign Laborer Laws and Demands More Crafts!
    Hear ye! Hear ye! This ROYAL DECREE is issued to spread the news of looser government regulations and corporate oversight to all village craftspersons wishing to apply for position of King Alphons Sedwickson III's court position of King's Forge. The King has graciously approved the use of Apprentices (i.e. "glorified interns") for any person wishing to apply for this royal court position. The King also hopes that his laissez-fair economic policies greatly increase the number and diversity of gathering locations around the village as well as the variety of items that can be crafted. King Sedwickson III is aware that all of these extra freedoms may result in competitors submitting items counterfeited from other sources (but given the King's poor eyesight it is unlikely that competitors will ever be caught for doing so).
    The expansion King's Forge: Apprentices is designed with modular components such that all or any combination of the following can be added into the base game:
    Dice, Smithy tiles and rules to allow a fifth player Apprentice cards, which can be hired by the players to gain permanent bonuses Craft cards that emphasize both the easiest and most difficult parts of the Craft item spectrum Gathering cards to increase the size and diversity of each game's Gather Deck

    Uitbreiding voor: King's Forge Aantal spelers: 2 - 5 Speeltijd minuten: 45 - 80 Uitgever: Starling Games
    The legends were true — the griffins have returned! The whole world has opened up now that distinguished visitors arrive on griffin-back weekly to see the King. They bring fresh ideas, new skills, and exotic materials unlike anything we have ever seen.
    Do your best to acquire samples of the new materials by hosting visitors or impressing the ambassadors who are staying at the palace. If you can make the kingdom proud by producing true masterworks, you will be sent abroad to represent the kingdom, share your talents, and see the world. Adventure is calling!
    King's Forge: Masterworks introduces four new types of dice, each with their own unique abilities:
    Borealis can mimic the die type of any dice rolled with it Aether Ore can be used as a metal or magic die Heartwood grows like a plant each round and can be harvested as a wood or gem die Grimstones are chaotic dice with variable bonuses depending on how you roll! Players gain access to these dice by crafting on four new tiles representing the Ambassadors visiting the palace from the North (Crystal Tundra), South (One Tree), East (Hidden City), and West (Great Cauldron). Additionally, players will receive new craft items from each of the realms and gather cards which represent powerful visitors from around the world.

    Uitbreiding voor: King's Forge Aantal spelers: 2 - 5 Speeltijd minuten: 45 - 80 Uitgever: Game Salute
    It's a Gilded Age of unmatched prosperity. A growing merchant class and restless nobility demand even higher levels of craftsmanship. It also doesn't hurt that gold was just discovered in some nearby underground caverns.
    In this age of new wealth, the Queen is more popular than ever. Queen Gertrude has even announced that non-royal versions of the recent Jubilee gifts may be made available to the public. An enthusiastic spirit of pride fills the realm, blinding citizens to a much darker element creeping into the kingdom...
    King's Forge: Gold adds gold dice and a selection of luxurious golden items to King's Forge. In addition to new golden items, all 30 of the original Queen's Jubilee expansion items have been re-balanced and ranked for the main deck. In total, the Gold mini-expansion adds 39 items to the main crafting deck (the most added by any expansion or even the base game—which only added 33 items). Some of these items even have crafting requirements above 6+! Additionally, 9 new Gather locations represent the age across three themes; 3 gold-related (Fool, Gilder with an anvil icon, and a Gold Mine Docks card), 3 prosperity-related (Brewery, Warehouse, and Wishing Well), and 3 nefarious element Gather cards (Dark Forge, Rogue, and Sorcerer).
    Modular rules and scenarios introduce new and different experiences that can soften the game for casual play (addressing loss aversion/wasted effort), speed up play (everyone starts with a Gold die), or modify decision space (crafting for the Guild or a race to craft a Dragonfly Charm for two new win conditions). This expansion is aimed squarely at fans of the base game and new players looking for an exciting entry point to King's Forge with a major boost of items and new ideas.

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