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  1. The "Heroes System Tactical Scale" from Heroes of Normandie is moving to the very stars into the universe of Warhammer 40,000! On the hive-world of Black Reach, an Ork Waaagh! breaks, jeopardizing this sector of the galaxy! In Warhammer 40,000: Heroes of Black Reach, you need to help the Ultramarines in their merciless fight against the Warlord Zanzag and relive the grim adventures of Captain Cato Sicarius and Sergeant Scout Marines Torias Telion! Dice Tower Seal of Excellence Contents 1 Rules booklet 1 Campaign booklet with 8 scenarios 6 double-sided Terrain Boards Terrain elements Ultramarine units Sergeant Telion Company Chaplain Brother Orad and his options Librarian Brother Servius and his Psychic Powers Brother Milius (Techmarine) 1 Tactical Squad (Vorolanus) with its Rhino and options 1 Scout Squad (Elias) with its Land Speeder Storm and options 1 Predator Tank 1 Razorback Tank 1 Landraider Redeemer 1 Dreadnought (Brother Agnathio) 1 Storm Talon Gunship Order Tokens, Ultramarines 50-card deck, Wargear and Upgrade Options, Command Options, Vehicle Equipment and Customisations Ork units Goff Warboss Uzdrakh Snake Bites Weirdboy Gorkargk and Psychic Powers Evil Sunz Big Mek, Malagrah Evil Sunz Mek Grugnoz and his Grot Oilers Evil Sunz Tankbustas Flying Rampage: Goff Stormboyz with their Boyz, Boss Mob and options The Green Raiders: Goff Boyz Mob, with their Trukk, Shootas, Sluggas, Rokkit Launcha, Big Shoota and Options 1 Goff Deff Dread 1 Goff Battlewagon 1 Trukk 1 Warbuggy 1 Mek Gunz 2 Killa Kans Order tokens, Orks 50-card deck, Wargear and Upgrade Options, Command Options, Vehicle Equipment and Customisations
  2. Rob

    Devil Pig Games

    Devil Pig Games is a board game publisher founded in 2013 by 2 childhood buddies, Yann and Clem. The beginning of the story makes us back in time to elementary school when they met together, already fans of small soldiers. At the same time, they began to create a game of confrontation with pawns seen from above! In 2007, their first game, Frontières (Frontiers in english, never translated), was edited by Asmodée. He is the ancestor of what will later be called the Heroes System Tactical Scale, a game system that serves as a basis for their future games. The few who discovered this game many years ago were enthusiastic about it, but it will take a few years for the next chapter … 2013, the year of the creation of Devil Pig Games with Yann&Clem’ first kickstarter: Heroes of Normandie! Taking back the bases of Frontières and adding a grid on the battlefields, HoN for the fans, reverses certain habits of the wargamers by indicating all the useful informations on the play stuff: the Heroes System Tactical Scale was born! In passing, the world discovered the illustrations of Alexander Bonvalot, illustrator of the game. Learn more about the Heroes System Tactical Scale (link soon) On June 6, 2014 (and it was not even done on purpose!), Heroes of Normandie is available in store, the beginning of the adventure begins!
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