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  1. Tijdens Spiel 2018 kwamen Chartered tegen. Het spel wat ook al even door de Nederlandse tv het nieuwe Catan werd genoemd. Dat is niet het geval maar een slecht spel is het niet. Het spel is bijna uit en de laatste update is dan ook veelbelovend. Posted by Jolly Dutch May 24, 2019 Nederlandse backers kunnen de update hier in het Nederlands vinden. Dearest backers, Yes, it finally looks like we can start the count down for real! We have received confirmation that the container containing our plastic parts has passed through customs and is on it’s way to the Ludo Fact factory in Germany. It should arrive there on Monday or Tuesday, after which they’ll quickly (but precisely) assemble the games and ship them to us in the Netherlands, and part to Quartermaster Logistics and part to Happyshops. Due to the Ascension Day holiday, it’s uncertain if the games will arrive on Friday 31 May, Saturday 1 June or Monday 3 June. We’ll only get the confirmation once the games leave the factory. This means that we’re estimating we’ll deliver the games to the pickup points on 3, 4 and 5 June, and ship them to anyone that chose delivery in the Netherlands. The US and Canadian backers will receive their games from Quartermaster Logistics in Florida, we’re awaiting confirmation of the exact slot for the pallet to go to the US (confirmation should come a day after assembly in Germany). The games for the backers in the EU (other than the Dutch) as well as the rest of the world, should start shipping out in the week of 3 June as well. But we’re awaiting confirmation on that. So the count down has really started and we’ll confirm all the timing again once the games leave the factory. Apologies again for the delay though! We do have another sneak peak of the final product, as we received another couple of pictures from Ludo Fact: In about two weeks (dependent on your location) you’ll be able to take it in your hands yourself! Future In the mean team, we’ve also worked on our future plans: we’ll launch our second game Boogie Beasts on 11 June (you can find the preview page that’s under construction here), and we’re testing two expansions for Chartered: The Golden Age. One of the expansions adds a new dimension with more luck and strategy, whereas the other introduces a new layer of complexity and strategy to the game. You can keep up to date on all our Jolly Dutch games via our Facebook pageand our Instagram page, or specifically the Chartered page. And of course, you can still sign up to our newsletter on Keep on playing! Best, Alexander and Arnold Nog even geduld en dan kunnen we het spelen.
  2. Rob

    Chartered: The Golden Age

    Chartered: The Golden Age is a historic and economic building game known for its easy game system. You are a merchant, looking to profit from the budding trade in Amsterdam in the 1600s and participate in the growth of a multitude of chartered enterprises. Several European nations are vying for the lucrative trade in spices and other goods. The goods brought back to Amsterdam at great peril and cost are rapidly growing merchant wealth and increasing trade. To increase working capital and spread risk, you and other merchants use stocks for the first time in history. You are establishing your first warehouses in Amsterdam, contributing to the city that will grow to become the wealthiest city in the western world. You can become the best merchant, build chartered enterprises and purchase stock to profit from their expected growth. Your goal? Profit and wealth. Players buy building cards to found chartered enterprises and purchase stock in them. Throughout the game they expand these enterprises, increasing their stock value and ultimately increasing players’ wealth. Enterprises merge to accelerate their growth and add floors to their warehouses to easily gain value. Players will aim to block enterprises they don't have stocks in but might be forced to help them grow. Buy the right stocks and build the right warehouses to put you on your way to profit and to victory.
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