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  1. Tijdens een YouTube filmpje van Roll for Crit kwam ik Titan tegen. Een Euro maar dan met een erg tof 3D "bord". Titan verdient wel wat aandacht. In dit spel neem je het tegen elkaar op in een gigantische "mining crater". Volgens de KickStarter gaat het om een expert level Euro game voor 2 tot 4 spelers. Wel wordt er weinig downtime beloofd, lastige combinatie maar als het werkt mogelijk wel een toffe ervaring voor de liefhebbers. Kleine omschrijving van de makers: Titan is a network construction game set in the distant future, in which you play as employees of Stardrill, an interstellar mining corporation. Stardrill has acquired the mining rights to Saturn’s largest moon – Titan – and is sending in a team to strip it of its resources. Your task is to fill the hold of your ship with as many units of valuable resources from Titan as possible, in order to earn the most Credits by the end of the game. To help its teams with their task, Stardrill has supplied a number of Rigs - buildings which can be placed anywhere on the map. These extraction plants will allow you to obtain different types of resources. As you’re all employees of Stardrill, once placed these Rigs can be accessed and used by any player! Some resources have value during the game and can be spent to free up space in your hold, while others can only score points at the end of the game - so you’ll need to keep an eye on the space you have, and time your activations carefully. However, not all of these resources are desirable. Titan hosts large quantities of Tholin, an organic substance which could potentially cause you to lose Credits at the end of your mission. Picking some of it up is impossible to avoid as you dig deeper into the centre of Titan, but don’t let it get out of control – as well as losing you Credits, if you take Tholins into your hold when it is already full, some of your precious cargo will be contaminated! Stardrill has also supplied you with a team of trusty Drones that will lend you on claw on your mission. As well as transporting valuable resources and moving Tholins away from your network, Drones can dock to a Rig to increase its yield or make it less costly to upgrade. These handy machines can also use Titanium to destroy pipe sections, either in another players network, or even your own! Earn Credits during the game by placing and upgrading Installations, completing Stardrill’s special Objectives, and fulfilling Planetary Orders. At the end of the game, you’ll score additional Credits depending on the contents of your hold! The more Deuterium you have, the better, as long as it hasn’t been contaminated… Met nog een 10 tal dagen te gaan en het doel al bereikt kun je het spel backen voor: 82 Euro. Op zich niet een extreem hoog bedrag voor iets wat er wel erg mooi uitziet. Of het 3D bord echt "nodig" is lijkt me niet maar of het wat toevoegd? Lijkt me wel! Voor meer informatie: KickStarter
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