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  • The Edge: Dawnfall

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    Aantal spelers: 1 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 60 - 90 Uitgever: Awaken Realms

    The Edge: Dawnfall is a dynamic, miniature and card battle game with elements of territory control (gathering crystals) as well as campaign play. Each player controls unique units with special abilities that can be enchanted with special spell or progress cards.

    Players win the game in solo or co-op mode by completing plot conditions of the scenario, or in the competitive skirmish mode by gaining advantage of 7 Victory Points. The game is set in the original post-apocalyptic universe of The Edge and features 6 factions with very different backstories, game styles and aesthetics.

    Designer: Michał Oracz, Krzysztof Piskorski, Marcin Świerkot BoardGameGeek:

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