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  • Monsterpocalypse Miniatures Game

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    Aantal spelers: 2 - 4 Speeltijd minuten: 45 - 90 Uitgever: Privateer Press

    In Monsterpocalypse Miniatures Game, two or more giant kaiju monsters brawl, blast, and body-slam each other in a dense destructible urban environment. Alongside these towering monsters, lesser minions such as powerful tanks, fighter jets, flying saucers, fearsome dinosaurs, and demonic fiends fight to capture important locations and help power their monster to victory.

    Monsterpocalypse Miniatures Game represents an updated and streamlined second edition of the original Monsterpocalypse collectible game from 2008. Players can choose two different agendas when building their armies: the noble Protectors, who want to save the world and the creatures that inhabit it from destruction, or the evil Destroyers, who seek to enslave and destroy the Earth for their own diabolical purposes. Both agendas feature three different factions, each with its own unique monsters and units. Players can mix and match any models from the factions within their agenda when building their army.

    The game debuts with two different one-player starter sets, one for each of the two agendas. These starter sets will be expanded by monster, unit, and building packs that contain new models for players to use in their games.

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